Find Antenna TV in the Cedar Rapids/
Waterloo/Iowa City/Dubuque area:

KCRG 9.3

Atkins Cablevision Ch. 710
Butler Bremer Comm. Ch. 61
Cascade Communications Ch. 98.3
Clarence Cablevision Ch. 68
Coon Creek Cablevision Ch. 370
Co-op Telephone Company Ch. 336
Dumont Telephone Company Ch. 930
Dunkerton Telephone Ch. 336
F&B Communications Ch. 223
Farmers Co-Op Telephone Co. Ch. 353
Farmers Merchant Mutual Tele. Ch. 123
Heart of Iowa Communications Ch. 336
ImOn Ch. 710
Independence Telephone Ch. 9.3
Kalona Coop. Tel. Co. Ch. 336
Keystone Comm. Ch. 193 (S. Benton)
Liberty Comm. Ch. 993 (West Liberty)
LISCO Corp. Ch. 322
LN Satellite Comm. Co. Ch. 336
Martelle Coop Telephone Ch. 9.3
Mediacom Ch. 110 or 115-10
Northeast Iowa Telephone Co. Ch. 201
Onslow Coop. Telephone Ch. 68
Readlyn Telephone Company Ch. 19
Reinbeck Municipal Ch. 11
Shellsburg Cable Ch. 999
South Benton Cablevision Ch. 336
South Slope Cooperative Ch. 11
Springville Cooperative Ch. 863
Van Horne Coop. Ch. 99